1. scrapsofthought:

    I love Mo’s hair. I love how Mo spent last week just chilling around the coffee shop and this week offered to buy Elliot underpants. I love Mo. More time for Mo I say!

    Elliot is a sweetie. We all know this. Last night’s Darwin story was fun, which is rare given we are usually treated to the…

    Reblogging this review because it’s made me laugh and I’m hoping Scrapsofthought starts reviewing again :)

  2. Anonymous said: Miss your Holby City reviews. Will you be doing it anymore?


    I’ve had a few people asking so I did watch last week with the intention of doing something but I didn’t get round to it. A crude summation of what I thought would be Keller = WTF! Darwin = I zoned out. AAU = I like Adele. Mr Guy Self = Twatis in Extremis and he deserved a kick in the whatsits for his treatment of Serena.

    I haven’t watched it regularly in so long that I’m a bit discombobulated by all the jiggery pokery with new faces and old faces on different wards. I will watch this week though and pay extra attention! :)

  3. lonelyoldstars:

    I think was possibly the sweetest part of that episode, it was perfect.

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    Why would you even do that?

    What a stupid idea.

    They cannot guarantee that there won’t be a major incident that would overrun into their booked slot.

    Why not book a day off work and have it then?

    Common sense, people.

    And quit shit-stirring, Bonnie.

    I swear, if she is godmother, I will scream.

    I want the godparents to be Sacha and Mo.

    P.S Jac looks beautiful.

  5. pauseliveaction:

    Holby City (16/17) review (via Holby City: A multi-slap episode)

  6. weenursie:

    Serena you babe

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  7. pauseliveaction:

    Serena “Should have been CEO” Campbell was busy dealing with a man with something up his bottom. (via Holby City: What do you reckon he’s hiding up his bottom?)


  8. aquamanandfriends:

    [can someone for the love of god tell me where I can download the episodes of Holby City that Gareth is in- I can’t find a torrent that will actually download for the life of me- some goes for the seasons of Waterloo Road with Tommy in them]


  10. pinkcollins:

    Holby’s Aden Gillett aka Edward Campbell in Theatre
    26th November 2013 - 21st December 2013

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